What We Do

We’re here for Williamson County children

Our multidisciplinary response to allegations of child abuse ensures all child victims get the services and support they need under one roof. When a Williamson County child is identified as a potential victim, they are brought to the center by law enforcement or Child Protective Services. We work with our partners to walk each child and their non-offending family members through the process of reporting their abuse and give them access to our numerous support services, free of charge.

Forensic Interviews

When Child Protective Services or law enforcement refers a child to us for suspected abuse or witnessing a violent crime, the first step is a forensic interview. Our trained forensic interviewers, meet one-on-one with the suspected victim in our child-friendly interview rooms. All sessions are digitally recorded to minimize the number of times a child must share his or her trauma and law enforcement and Child Protective Services are able to oversee the interview via a closed circuit television.

Medical Exams

Child victims of sexual assault often require a forensic medical exam to determine their current condition and the extent of the abuse. Specialized SANE nurses partner with us to provide these evaluations in our in-house exam room.

Mental Health Counseling

Once an abuse investigation is underway, we offer child victims and their non-offending family members ongoing trauma-focused mental health counseling provided by our licensed mental health professionals.

Outreach Training

The ability to recognize the signs of abuse is critical to a child’s safety. Child-serving professionals, such as teachers, daycare workers, coaches, and youth ministers are often the only adults who routinely see a child and are most likely to identify warning signs. We offer free, educational trainings to schools, community groups and businesses, so community members know how to identify victims of abuse and the best steps to take when reporting child abuse to ensure a successful investigation.

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